Thursday, October 15, 2009

juuust breathe.

soo much reading/work to do before tomorrow morning... bleeeh.

gave blood today at Boston Children's Hospital. i'm glad i did but going there brought up some feelings from this past spring that i am not sure I have fully worked through. so i have restarted some projects from last semester that were never completed, and have begun a new series (mostly collage work) that i hope to show glimpses of soon.

for now, im going to go back to fighting with my paintbrush and listening to the latest album from BrandNew.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sooooo, boston.

its been exactly a month since i started classes here at the museum school. so far, i absolutely love it here. the greatest thing about this school is the freedom we as students have in that we each plan out our own individual course of was a bit confusing and frustrating to sign up for courses at first, but after a week or so i had my schedule set.... and by set i mean jam packed. i am taking the maximum amount of courses i can, which makes me incredibly busy, but why did i transfer here if i'm not going to take advantage of everything i can?

so for the past month i've been spending all day everyday drawing, welding, transferring, mixing, sawing, sewing, taping, gluing and painting, not to mention making tons of handmade paper.

one of my favorite classes so far is "Material A Week". each monday my teacher (who also happens to be my faculty mentor and an amazing steel artist) gives us a new, non traditional material to experiment with. basically we've got 7 days to create a 3-d sculpture with a materia
l we may have never even thought of in a sculptural way. its a challenge but a very good one. so far we've worked with cardboard, bubble gum, and steel wool...

(cardboard, feathers)

"Pop Princess"
(bubble gum, gum wrappers, pearls)

skirt detail:

haven't titled this one yet.. (steel wool, thumbtacks, thread)

and currently i have 140 pieces of white drawing chalk on my desk waiting to be transformed into some sort of sculpture by monday morning...

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