Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Knowledge Is Beauty

Sunday, February 15, 2009

now, its out of my hands

yesterday i sent my application and portfolio to Montserrat, the school i really really really want to get into. i'm applying as a transfer student to three schools in the boston area, but this is the one i'm most interested in. SMFA because I want to see if I could get in, but the price is amazingly high so without some serious financial aid/scholarships its sort of a long shot. and MassArt is a state school, much less expensive and only a few blocks from the museum school, but bigger and i might have to wait til the spring to transfer in. and the more i've been in communication with each admissions office, i'm liking Montserrat more. its on the north shore, close enough to the city but far enough away. right on the coast, as in 2 blocks from the water. cold new england water, but still. its smaller, and also they just added a creative writing minor....it will be hard to choose between that and the art history minor but i cant worry about that until i've actually been accepted. i have a visit scheduled for the 6th for a tour and hopefully meet with someone since they'll already have recieved all my materials by then...... we'll see.

of course all of this hangs on them actually accepting me and then me getting the finance aspect figured out..

i've been having fun messing around with found objects lately.... my dads garage, junk sales, and the stuff in boxes ive been collecting for years are all contributing to my inspirations, mostly dealing with memories or the absence of something/one.

image above:"the toolshed at 195"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

simple elegance

i've decided a major focus of my sculpture this semester is going to be to use feminine forms and shapes. i want to convey the beauty, elegance and purity that all women are born with through simple forms and lines. too often in this society we focus on the superficial and fake, and the extras. i want to try to look past that, to the internal strength that lies in the heart of every woman. i have a bit of a dance background, so a main inspiration as far as shapes go would be dancers lines. not typical ballerina moves, but im going to try to draw some ideas from those contemporary as well as ballet moves that show power and grace.

this week we start on our wax pieces in preparation for the bronze pour. im so looking forward to that. but now i should get to reading my art history homework... its back to the italian and flemish renaissance in the morning.

thursday is the opening of the annual Flora in Winter show at WAM... my dad and i are going. it should be a good time even though i'll have to take some notes during it for a class. just seeing colorful flowers in the middle of this horrid weather will be amazing.
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